Mr Zambon has built up his working experience over a long time.  On finishing his studies he begun his career assisting on sites his father, a builder and a craftsman, and then he moved on to work as an architect.

His practice provides a comprehensive package of services, ranging from planning, implementation and works management to completion of the construction.  It reaches its highest standards in the refurbishment and restoration of both residential and commercial properties, including listed buildings.

Mr Zambon is often involved in projects relating to luxury properties whether on his own or in cooperation with leading architects and interior designers renown worldwide.

Thanks to an established experience in the relevant sector Mr Zambon has developed his best professional skills in the refurbishment of prestigious residential properties.

His approach to restoration makes he see every restoration as a new challenge both demanding and stimulating in which problems of layout can only be resolved and doubts about materials and finishing are dealt with through skills, creativity, good understanding of the existing structure and sound knowledge of planning regulations.  His familiarity with the legislation applicable to listed buildings helps him recognise at once properties of historical heritage.

Mr Zambon pays the closest attention to his clients’ demands and expectations.  First and foremost a client must be carefully listened to and well understood, then his unexpressed desires ought to be guessed and eventually he must be helped to make an informed choice.  A restoration is successful only if no other place could make the client better feel “at home” in his new apartment and the architect has before his eyes a tangible result of beauty, efficiency and comfort that his client is happy to embrace and enjoy.

The underlying philosophy that Giuseppe Zambon and his assistants incessantly seek to turn into tangible results is:

Whether large or small it does not matter. Beauty is perfectly compatible with small size. The sight of a vast landscape maybe spectacular and uplifting but sometimes the mere sight of a tiny flower can be moving“.